Best PC for Cantabile?

Hi! I searched this topic, but got no really relevant responses, so here goes -
I use Cantabile just for my keyboard rig, sending PGM changes, loading some VSTi, sample playbacks. I’m using an older i7 notebook (Toshiba) right now, but it’s getting a little long in the tooth, so I’m considering my next new PC.
My son (IP Tech) is recommending a micro desktop, so I get full bore processor, full size RAM, etc. The question we have is -
Is Cantabile multi-threading? How about VSTi’s? Will the system make use of multiple processors? Does a 4-core i3 provide acceptable performance, are there benefits to i5 or i7?
When the time comes to migrate, can I move my songs to the new PC, hook up my USB hub, and good to go? Or, will I need to rename everything, redo all the bindings, etc?
I do want to explore some of the other options, like maybe sending MIDI to a Linux machine running DMX, but for now, I like to keep thing simple. Thanks!

I think your son has a good idea to go with a micro desktop. You can search this forum for recent discussions about them. The interesting thing about this discussion is that specs aren’t the full story, there are “music PC” builders who have carefully chosen components that might not have the ultimate specs but work better for DAW, Cantabile etc. Have you replaced your Toshiba laptop’s hard drive with an SSD if it has a spinner? There’s a huge difference in overall performance. Which model is it?

Here’s some links:


I built a PC specifically for running VSTs only.
All of my VSTs are a little older and not supported in later OS’s.
Mine is an ASUS micro ATX, 550w PSU, I5 2500K, 16Gb Ram 2Gb nvidia video,
3x WD black 500gb HDD(i do intend upgrading in near future to ssd),
Audigy 5 RX audio, Roland UM-2 midi. running a stripped (with Vlite)
windows 7.

Make sure you have a good dedicated sound card which is ASIO compatible
and dedicated video card. Sharing RAM with video can be unpredictable and
cause huge glitches. Integrated audio is far to noisey to be used for any audio

Thank you both for your input. I’m trying to make the smart purchase, and these bits are good direction.
I was trying to see if the difference should be cores, threads, or single line horsepower, Thanks! cv

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Quick tips:

Core# : 4 to 8
Threads : not so important.
Processor frequency : important

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