Behringer FCB1010 foot pedal convert to USB power & incorporate MIDI Expression Quattro with single cable


This is great. I can’t wait to do this.
I’d love to see a pic of this alteration if still possible. I’m going to mod mine soon and I’d like to include this but I’m a little confused to where the 1000uF cap goes.
Also did you move the original midi in and outs? If so how was that done. I’m sure it’s right there but I’m missing that part. Thanks!!!


Hi, the space on the back panel for the original MIDI ins and outs is now taken up by the MIDI Expression. The FCB1010 DIN sockets are on a mini PCB so I just removed them, turned them inwards and plugged the USB to MIDI converter into them. You can see the black and white DIN plugs in the photos.

The 1000uF capacitor is already there no need to add one. To bring it into circuit as a test then you’d just need to link the 2 outer pins where the regulator went with a piece of wire. Don’t link anything to the centre pin which is Ground. Sorry I don’t have a photo of the mod at the moment.

I’d try it without the mod to start with and see if you have any issues.