Arturia MiniV - Delaying the Vibrato


Having never owned a real (working) Minimoog, I don’t know if I’m missing something, or if the MiniV (as a reflection of the real Mini) doesn’t support this.

I’m putting together sounds for a cover band (assuming that at some point bands will actually play for other people). One example is “Rock with You” (MJ), which has a soft triangle type sound in the intro where the vibrato is delayed (maybe 1000 ms after the note on event).

I’m assuming that this was played with a mod wheel in the recording. Unfortunately I need both hands on the keyboard so I’d like to have this delayed and it should work find because there aren’t that many long notes.

Some more modern synths have the ability to delay the LFO , but the MiniV doesn’t seem to have that capability.
I bet I could do some type of binding in Cantabile .
Use another synth (it could have been a P5 on the original, but I don’t know - can’t find anything about that tune on the Internet).





Good point. Can’t believe that I didn’t think about that…

The Impulse 61 I have does support aftertouch, though the MOXF8 doesn’t, so I’ll just have to be sure to assign it to the Impulse. In the rare cases where I may be using a different keyboard for that tune it will just have to go vibrato-less :slight_smile:

Thank you -


I haven’t got MiniV but is there a way to modulate the LFO from an envelope? Then you could set up a ramp to increase the LFO depth