Anyone using Custom Control Curves?

It looks like I may need a custom control curve, @brad. It’s a scenario I am in the process of implementing, and others might encounter it …

My recent setup was to route all MIDI and audio inputs through my RME UCX II into C4 and back out through the RME to The World. My setup in TotalMix (RME’s routing and mixing app) did no real routing or mixing. My MIDI control devices (Faderfox EC4, Novation Launchpad Mini Mk3, Akai MPD-218) controlled aspects of C4 songs and racks.

In my campaign to reduce latency, I will now be routing selected dry inputs directly to appropriate outputs in TotalMix, which will avoid the overhead of sample buffers (48+48) and a safety buffer (32) into and out of C4. Routing and mixing tasks will now be shared between C4 and TotalMix. My MIDI control devices will all be handled by C4, with (highly) modified versions of control inputs sent from C4 over to TotalMix on a loopMIDI port. All is working well (with lots of support from C4 community members) … except that …

Control curves in TotalMix do not match those of Cantabile.

  • Fader values typically use x68/104 for 0dB. I have not yet figured out the “slope” of those fader responses to MIDI.

  • Mic preamps take CCs with values in the 0‒65 = 0dB ‒ 65dB range.

I’ll need to keep Gains in C4 and TotalMix in step, since changing a gain in C4 currently affect both my dry and wet feed levels. I will have my wet feed level still in C4 but must have the corresponding equivalent dry level sent to TotalMix.

I suspect that the most reasonable way for keeping C4 and TotalMix gains in step will be to change the C4 control curve to match TotalMix (which has no way that I know of to change the control curve functions).

I generally use expressions to reflect an array of rack Gain settings on buttons on the Controller Bar (thanks @dave_dore – works great!), so I suppose there is a way to make the translation. But keeping two parallel sets of Gain buffers in two different scale systems sounds like a pending nightmare.

Thoughts welcome on how to accomplish what I’m attempting …

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Sounds like you might need to reverse engineer (or find docs for) the TotalMix control curve. Once you’ve got that, you should be able to setup a custom control curve in Cantabile to match. See here for docs.

OK, no problem. I thought that custom control curves might be going away in Cantabile …

If I manage to go down this path, I’ll post the TotalMix control curve code on this forum for potential use by others …

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I was considering it, but turned out easier to leave it in and port it to be able to run under native code (as required for the binding implementation). So no plans to remove it now.