Anyone using Custom Control Curves?

Hey All,

For a long time now Cantabile has supported custom control curves which are defined in “.cantabileControlCurve” files. This was done because it seemed everyone had a slightly different preference to how control curves behave.

I’m now considering removing this feature because I suspect no one is actually using it (except for the built-in curves) because I’ve ever had a single support request about it. More importantly, it complicates the work I’m doing on bindings as I would need to port the entire math expression engine to run in native code (the current version runs in managed code and therefore can’t be called from the audio engine)

To be clear: you’ll still be able to choose from the existing control curves - just not define your own custom ones.

If you are using your own custom control curves, please let me know.


The presets are OK by me.

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OK for me

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Thanks guys.

Looking at this more today it might actually be easier to keep the custom control curves and do a minimal unmanaged expression evaluation engine.

But I’m still interested to know if anyone is using the custom control curves.

I didn’t know they existed… :rofl:



Not really - happy with the standard ones.

No Custom curves here …

I’ve never had need of them.

I never used them and don’t expect I’ll miss them.





Uhhh, what is a custom control curve??? :thinking: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I didn’t make use of it but for future project, I’d like to use them in a “sweep sequence” fashion; a single sweep of a n expression pedal turning into a “melodic sequencer”.

These curves only apply to gain settings.

My bad. No problem then, the presets are very good for that.

Also never used a custom curve

For me standard is ok!

Don’t use either at this point (custom or standard).