Alternative binding/way to start drum machines

I have a lot of drum machine VST. Most of them only starts beats/grooves by pressing a key on the keyboard. The keys are various within a plugin and different from one VST to other VST.
Cause I always starts/stops beats/grooves during live playing via a foot pedal (without using keys on my keyboards), my workflow is current as following:

  • record of pressing the dedicated key for start/stop beat/groove on the onscreen keyboard in CP
  • create a mediaplayer for each VST with the recorded “key pressing”
  • make bindings of the mediaplayer to start/stop to/with the foot pedal

I assume, that this workflow is perhaps to complicated.
Do you have an idea to make it easier?

Hi Bladerunner,

I do it by using a binding like this for each sequence of drum patterns I want to do. This example is at song level. With each footswitch press it will put out a new note number to the VST, in my case AIR’s Strike. When it receives each new note number it changes the pattern. All you need are the note numbers for your patterns from the VST’s key map.

The way a binding target value works when entered as a comma separated sequence is that the number list will loop to the beginning when at the end of the list. As a result I pad the list with more than one stop note (36 on Strike) to prevent accidental restarts from a bad extra peddle press. The target number sequence can be reset manually by doing a state reset with a control button. It also resets on song load because it automatically resets the initial state on load. Anyway, I’m not sure it’s easier or what you wanted to do but it’s an alternative way to think about it.



Hi Dave,

thank you very much! Great!
Easy solution. I tried it directly.
The thing in my case is, that I only want to start and stop via footcontroler.
If I build you proposed binding, the rhythm/beats/groove starts on mapped notes.
-first success :slight_smile: - , but it never stops. It only stops if I hold down my foot pedal.
I tried it with a second binding instead “Note” then “Note off”. But this can’t work.
Have I a wrong food pedal typ to start and stop playing notes?

Which Vst Drummer? Most have a latch feature but not all. If there isn’t one you can use Cantabile to create a latch switch but it would require a rack to pull it off. I’d have to get to it later but let me know if you’re interested.



Damage 2 (Heavyocity). Yes, I looked for a latch knob in the VST, but is not there.

Perhaps the following could lead to a solution:
I tried your workflow by using the customizable CP Buttons (left down). If I change the bindings to that button type it works with start and stop playing.
The only thing would be now to bind the CP Button to my foot pedal. Is that possible? I didn’t found a midi learn function on the CP buttons.

I made a converter rack for this right here. It changes the momentary from a sustain type footswitch to a toggle switch.

There are some note holder racks posted there too.


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Thanks a lot for sharing! @dave_dore
Great work!
I will try the 2 Utility Racks.

If you want to build your own simple converter instead of using a utility rack you place an embedded rack in your song that you use to route to the bindings like this

Add the embedded rack and make a route to it’s MIDI input.

Add a latch filter to the input route you made to the rack making sure it’s the correct CC# (my example uses the CC# 64 sustain)

Inside the embedded rack create a direct no filter pass thru route

Add this binding type to the song level bindings to address the Drum machine

you adjust the on and off numbers to the correct note numbers for your use.

Sorry I couldn’t show this yesterday, too busy! Hope it gets you there.



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