AIR Velvet flash sale


Hi Rick,

I have quite a number of iLok plugs so I have 2 dongles for the licenses I can use as backup or on 2 machines at once. A very few on mine use the computer based non dongle option. This is now fairly widely available so a lot of users opt for it. But I have had problems with the on computer option on WIN 10 updates losing my keys (meaning I have to sort it out on each rig). Also I couldn’t afford all the license copies and have 4 machines I use so I chose the dongle keys instead. They are immune to the updates problems as well.



I use it and activate on primary and backup Cantabile laptops. I have a Reaper based recording desktop that I use less frequently. I have been deactivating the backup laptop and activating the recording desktop and then revert the license back. I don’t think there is any limitation on those moves. For that reason when AIR has offered Hybrid and Expand for a few dollars I’ve bought a second license.


I bought two licenses of Velvet (and Xpand!) - each allows two installations. So

  1. live laptop - HD authorization
  2. live backup laptop - HD authorization
  3. studio PC - iLok dongle.

I even have a spare one left :wink:




Same as Torsten. iLok occasionally needs re-authorization which is done with a reboot. It is becoming less as time progresses.


I first started iLOK only VSTs with some trepidation because of some of the “avoid like the plague” comments I have seen here and elsewhere, but had no choice if I wanted the products.

So far (about 18 months worth of experience) I have not seen any issues. Currently I am on soft iLOK, but as some (expensive) plugins only allow two activations, I may see about moving over to hard iLOK for recovery purposes. In thinking about this, I am thinking that my USB eLicenser for Steinberg products has been glitch free since 2003…


Not that it means that much (being anecdotal evidence at best), but I haven’t heard an iLok horror story in years and years, and I am heavy into all the major forums where you would see such threads emerge.

I use one hardware key, and move around the software ones from machine to machine sometimes. (Very seldom.) Always trouble free. And since you needn’t buy a HW iLok key for Velvet and many others, the iLok protection should no longer be a deterrent for anyone.



Many times better than it used to be.


I just think that iLok doesn’t like me…

I installed the iLok Manager, entered my account info, installed Velvet, entered the code… and iLok Manager says I have a trial version.

And… I get an error when I try to drop Velvet into a rack in Cantabile.

Looks like I’ll be opening a case with Plugivery.