A Thread About Nothing


I’ve seen that clip before :grin: I downloaded all the Rock School episodes a couple years back. Such a blast to see now!


Some of my favorite lead playing is Jan Hammer with Mahavishnu and Jeff Beck. There are YouTube videos on how sound like Jan Hammer on guitar :grinning:


Roger Powell too. I used to be very good at MiniMoog guitar licks :laughing:


One more about “tasteful pitch bending”:

Purists may cringe (“bending a Rhodes - uuugh”), but this has been extremely inspiring to me…


Me too, George Duke was great at it too …


Yeah, Duke was a monster all the way around


Again…I have nothing to say about nothing.


I always love how Duke when he played with Zappa would have both a Rhodes and a Wurli and play them both at the same time, sometimes while singing at the same time.