A Thread About Nothing


Who do you think holds the record for most MiniMoogs onstage? I just saw Gary Numan on SNL (from '80) and he had eight. EIGHT.


Do you think some were props? (Non-functioning) wonder if he traveled with that many? Rick Wakeman talked about how he has several so they can cycle through repair. Kinda like they used to say about the Jaguar car, buy one to drive and one to be in the repair shop. Or maybe like empty Marshal cabs when they’re really playing through a single mic’d up Princeton.


I think Rick tours with four these days so he can be guaranteed to have two working on a night (and I guess his keyboard tech is well versed in repairing them).

When I saw Rick on the ARW tour year before last, I had a good view of his rig and Rick, nd as he was playing one of his Moogs, you could tell he was not happy about something whilst he was adjusting one, due to the look on his face, but I couldn’t hear what it was!


Richard Tandy said the same with ELO, specifically his Whirly and his Melotron would break down fairly regularly so he carried spares. IIRC his rig at the time was a Yamaha C7 Grand, a Whirly, a Melotron, and a Clavinet D. He also had a rather large Midas mixer, so I suspect he was running some other processing and things like the ring tone on Telephone Line.


Since we’re about nothing, that means anything, right?

A letter arrives at Louie Bellson’s house addressed to “The World’s Greatest Drummer”. Bellson says, “this isn’t for me, this is for Krupa.” So he sends it over to Gene Krupa’s house. Krupa, says, “hey, this is for Buddy Rich”. So he sends it to Buddy. Buddy says, “Hey! This is for me!” and opens it. The letter says, “Dear Ringo…”




No, not at all… Gary had three, two other guys had 2 a piece and a last guy had one. They just needed them for the different sounds- remember it was 1980…




Nothing and anything are two indefinite pronouns that have similar meanings. Anything refers to the presence of any kind of thing whereas nothing refers to the absence of anything. However, the main difference between nothing and anything is that nothing is often used with positive verbs whereas anything is used in negative sentences or questions. Both nothing and anything can be used in a sentence to express the same thing.

So now I am really confused. I thought nothing meant…nothing. I supposed everything meant all. All those many years of education were for naught…which means nothing. I need a drink. :tropical_drink:


You are not looking at this through the lens of zen. Emptiness is everything.


You mean this?

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I could use a new pair of glasses. My Mom warned me I would go blind, but I just couldn’t stop.



So, tonight I was watching Gil Scott-Heron on SNL from 1975 and I was hearing some guy on a big hollowbody guitar who sounded a lot like BB King style-wise and thinking hey, he’s pretty good and then they showed him and HOLY SH*T IT"S A GUY PLAYING A MINIMOOG! Best guitar I’ve ever heard from a Mini in my life, and it was a clean sound.





That’s not the SNL clip, but same song.


tasteful pitch-bending - yummm… The naked sound itself isn’t something to write home about, but it’s all in the playing…


Yeah, a good system gives it away but on a phone it by heck sounds like guitar :smile:


1987 Tony Banks on Rock School


One of my favourite keyboard players, and very underrated as he was not a show man. But brilliant moods and textures. I think his solo albums have stood the time pretty well despite them going mostly under the radar, and showcase that he had a fantastic ear for chord progressions and melody

And who would have put Tony Banks and Toyah Wilcox together…?

The song drags a bit in the midde, but I have always loved the keyboard riff