20+ New Features Available Now!


Currently they’re only on the media player binding targets. I did consider adding them to the master transport but decided to wait for feedback. Sounds like they should be there too. I’ll try to get that done soon.

In the meantime you can bind to the first media player from the background rack, by choosing “Media Player by Index/Name” as the binding target:

Yes, made a video showing how:

Found issue, will be fixed in 3651 available now.

btw: if you want to edit an existing song template, you can open the template for editing by going File -> New, select the template you want to edit, check the checkbox “Open Template for Editing”. When you do this, instead of creating a new file from the template, it just opens the template file. Make your changes and save it and the template will be updated. This is available for Song and Set List Templates - not rack templates.


I haven’t been able to reproduce this. @adderoo could you please send me a crash report from one of those earlier builds so I can see what’s going on.


Hi @brad,
I cannot reproduce it either anymore. All ok. Seems to have been a false alert


Great!. It works perfectly now.


Brad, I thank you for your hard work and your patience. :vulcan_salute:

Glad the RW/FF may make it to the Transport controls - it makes more sense to me that way.

I’ll be trying out the new features in the studio today.


That video showing Timeline Marker bindings is the exact opposite of what I am wanting to do. I don’t want State changes to move to a Marker - I want hitting a Marker to change State. So when the Timeline reaches the chorus it switches my State for me.

As I said, I’m going to try these features out, but hopefully there’s a way of doing this - I need to look properly.


I just gave it a quick try… No, I don’t see any way to trigger a State change by reaching a Marker. For me that would be the most obvious use of the Markers.

Still, a very useful feature, and one that will help me when I’m setting up my Timeline-triggered State changes. :+1:


Awesome @Brad, very useful features here… thanks!


That can’t be done at the moment, except by creating transport triggers with the same position values. Good idea though, but let me think about what the best way to integrate this might be.


Hey All,

There’s currently a bug with the implementation of the custom colors in that they’re not being persisted correctly between builds.

I’ll have a fix for this up tomorrow, but you’ll need to re-create any customer color settings again.

If you’re thinking of setting up custom colors, leave it for now…



Thanks for the response, Brad. That saves me time trying to figure why I’m not being able to conjure it up!

I suppose Timeline Markers and time positions are essentially the same(-ish) thing, but the Markers give the positions a friendly name. Hence why I was hoping I could get rid of all the time numbers here and just say ‘Marker #1’, ‘Chorus’, or something.


Fantastic job Brad, absolutely! Thank you!


Build 3652 is up now and fixes the issues with saving the custom colors.

I’ve also logged two pending tasks for other suggestions:




Nice features Brad!
Regarding te marker States, it would be handy if we could do like in reaper, there you can add a command number from the action menu. To add any function or even macro it.

While we’re at it, a macro fuction might be handy also


Rewind/FF: The minimum repeat rate is limited to 0.2 - any chance to make that 0.1 (or even 0.05)?


Thank you very much for implementing these nice features… they instantly created new requirements (growing exponentially).

FR: “Toggle loop between markers.”
Use case: Practicing a hard part of a song (e.g. a solo)
Behaviour: When activeated, and the playhead position reaches a marker, just jump back to the previous marker.


Hi @derVodi

I think what you’re describing is already covered by the media player Play Range functionality



Possible. The reason for not wanting it to be too small is that it allows you to hear a piece of the clip as you hold the button, making it easier to land approximately where you want.


Not quite - the following scenarios are not possible using play ranges:

  1. Loop a range, deactivate the loop (during playback) and just continue playing back from where you were.
    One could the set current range to “(All)”, but this moves the playhead away from it’s current position and even stops transport.

  2. With activated loop & during playback, click anywhere in the waveform display to jump to another range and let this range be looped.

Having a simple loop play state that could be toggled on/off (via binding) while playing would do the job.
I made a small illustration video where I simulated the desired behaviour using transport triggers (at position B and D):

In addition, Creating seamless(!) ranges is a bit cumbersome (lots of mouse clicks, you have to set both begin and end), but markers can quickly be set (even during playback running).

Im going to set markers in all songs anyway, so having to create redundant ranges would feel a little … redundant.


Hi @derVodi.

Ah ok I see what you mean. Thanks. Let me think about it. Not sure where/when this fits into things atm.



I just finally watched the video, and all I can say is - BREATHTAKING!!!

These are such fabulous additions to an already astounding program that I just don’t know where to start. I’m speechless.

(I hear the crowd calling, “Speech - Speech!!!” - well, fuhgeddaboudit.)

I think I’ll add MINDBLOWING to my list of accolades. Adding now. Done.